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friend_of_crow's Journal

14 July
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I'm a 6-year dialysis patient who uses the web to get in touch with all kinds of people that I probably wouldn't have met otherwise. I'm very interested in Native American cultures, the paranormal, writing, reading, museums, the outdoors, stargazing, animals, and human behavior.

I have a very dry sense of humor, bordering on sarcasm, which is why I love British comedy shows.

My favorite movie is Labyrinth. I could sit there and drool over David Bowie all night!

I also like to sing at karaoke, which none of my relatives can believe... I was a very shy kid. (What the hell happened?) I like to sing songs by The Eagles and The Beatles.

I also spend a lot of time knitting, making harlequin-pattern blankets. That is the only concession I have made to 'female' behavior-- I refuse to wear makeup or dresses or act 'girly'.

And if I hear you snickering, I will come over there and kick your ass!