MarsEnvoy (friend_of_crow) wrote,

Finally! A visitor at dialysis!

Rick came to see me at dialysis yesterday... I'd asked him to come down because it was my daughter's 21st birthday, and I wasn't sure how I'd be feeling. I hate having dialysis on her birthday, because there's absolutely no privacy in the unit and if I feel like crying, I have to do it in front of eight other patients and four nurses.

But Rick made sure I kept laughing, so I really had no time to cry. He also came over last night and we had some QST (Quality Snuggling Time). I decided not to do my yearly May 6th ritual of getting a strawberry milkshake, because I wasn't really that upset... on my daughter's birthday, I usually get a strawberry milkshake or eat strawberry ice cream, because during my pregnancy I craved strawberries and it felt like I was re-connecting with her by eating strawberry stuff. I don't know if it's because she's now an adult, but I don't feel the need to do the strawberry thing anymore.

Well, I have now officially missed all of my daughter's childhood... I hope that she's having a good life.
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