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I'm turning into such a "mush!"

My reputation as an emotionless Martian is at stake-- Rick is turning me into a "mush!" We even have pet names for each other... we watched "Monsters, Inc." together and now I call him 'Googlybear' and he calls me 'Smutschypuss' and 'Snugglebunny!'

Then tonight, we were talking about weddings since I watched "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" at his house with him and his parents... thank God I have my own apartment, so we could do some serious snuggling after the movie. I told him I wanted to get married on a beach, and he liked the idea. He said, "Yeah, we could both wear bathing suits so after we got married, we could literally 'take the plunge!'"

I can't get enough of the guy... I can spend all day with him and still not want to let him go home. I even kept one of his messages on my answering machine just so I can listen to his voice... it's ridiculous!
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